A Whale of a Mystery…

Rogue River Coffee Co. is soliciting your help to solve a minor mystery.

“When we first considered our new location at 1891 Winchester Ave. in uptown Reedsport, we were told by the building owners, Dareld and Michele Woods, that they preferred the driftwood whale sculpture hanging from the ceiling rafters to remain,” says Rogue River Coffee Co. co-owner Chris Rush. “We absolutely agreed. We thought it was very cool and the artist obviously went to a great deal of care and time to assemble it from just the right pieces of driftwood. It’s a great conversation piece for sure and just goes perfectly with the building’s interior.”

Chris and his wife Sheryl expected to soon learn more about the piece and the artist who created it, but so far, details have been hard to come by.

That’s where you come in. Rogue River Coffee Co. is asking its customers to help us fill in the blanks. Do you know who created this unique piece of coastal art? Stop by and tell us about it!

“We would very much like to meet the artist and learn the story behind the work,” says Chris. “But so far, we have very scant information. One of our employees did locate a metal plate that appears to have the artist’s initials etched into it on the underside of the sculpture. We’re hoping someone will recognize that and provide additional details.”


The etched initials, if turned a certain way appear to read, “SWV” but with the stylized font used, we’re not sure if that is correct.

“We would greatly appreciate anyone with information about the artist to reach out to us and fill us in,” says Chris. “Just stop by anytime from 7am – 3pm, Monday – Saturday, at 1891 Winchester Ave. here in Reedsport to take a look at the whale sculpture.”

We can also be reached at 541-361-6096, or by email at cbobrush1@icloud.com, or if you prefer, leave us a comment about the whale on our Facebook account.


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